Single-Mode Digital L-Type Module

Our proprietary Wavelength Stabilized Single-Mode Digital L-Type Module features high output power with narrow spectral bandwidth. The laser’s stabilized peak wavelength remains “locked” regardless of case temperature (10 to 35 °C).  Devices can be spectrally tailored to suit application needs and offer side mode suppression ratios (SMSRs) better than 40 dB, thereby providing extremely high signal to noise ratio and making these sources ideal for Raman spectroscopy and pump laser applications.

Digital L-Type Laser - Innovative Photonic Solutions


  • Analog or Digital (RS-232, I2C, or USB) control modes
  • Photodiode power monitoring
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Automatic Current Control or Automatic Power Control
  • An executable software GUI that allows the user to operate the system from a PC.