THz Spectroscopy

An emerging application space is the generation of THz emission and THz spectroscopy.  IPS has been a pioneer in the generation of semiconductor laser-based THz emission sources for nearly 20 years. Generation of THz radiation is accomplished by combining two single frequency laser sources at slightly different wavelengths inside an optical fiber. 

The combined beam is used to illuminate a photo-mixer that generates THz radiation with a wavelength proportional to the frequency difference of the two laser diodes.  Using this method, the THz frequency can be swept by precisely changing the temperature of the laser diode sources; see for example US Patents 9,134,054 and 9,806,491.

The frequency sweeping enables numerous absorption spectroscopy applications.  Over the frequency range of interest, mode-hop free laser sources with optical isolators are required to enable stable operation. 

THz Spectroscopy - IPS Lasers NJ

IPS lasers offers compact single frequency laser sources that are ideal for these applications.

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