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Need a custom solution? We’re here to help.

Need a custom solution? We’re here to help.

Fiber Laser Seeding and Pumping

Designed to replace expensive DFB and external cavity lasers, IPS’s Wavelength Stabilized Lasers offer superior wavelength stability over time, temperature (<0.007 nm/°C), and vibration, and are manufactured to meet the most demanding wavelength requirements. They can be operated in CW mode or pulsed at very high speed – generating exceptionally high peak power. These sources are becoming the industry standard for fiber laser and solid-state laser seeding and pumping applications and are available in a variety of wavelengths. 

Fiber Laser Seeding and Pumping - IPS Application

Common seed wavelengths include:

1030 nm

1053 nm

1064.1 nm

1064.4 nm

For these applications, IPS offers both high-peak-power single-frequency seed and pump diode lasers with unique technological advantages when used in high peak power and ultra-narrow spectral linewidth DFB fiber lasers. 

Our ultra-narrow linewidth sources generate significantly lower noise when core pumping in a CW DFB fiber laser or a pre-amplifier. Our single frequency seed sources can be pulsed from 20 ps to CW and offer higher peak power than traditional DFB sources allowing system designers to decrease the demands on their pre-amplifiers.

We also offer a line of wavelength stabilized Multi-Mode “cladding pumps”. Since the spectral linewidth of these pumps is < 0.2 nm, “all of the power, resides in the band, all of the time”. This means that you pump at the most efficient portion of the absorption band without the need to bin the components or temperature tune the lasers in order to overlap the absorption band. Most importantly however, the higher efficiency allows you to reduce fiber length by as much as 60% – which aids in the suppression of the onset of non-linear effects.

Fiber Laser Seeding and Pumping - Innovative Photonic Solutions
Typical Rise/Fall time of high-power pulsed wavelength-stabilized single-frequency seed laser
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