Raman Probes

We offer a full suite of single and dual wavelength Raman probes optimized to mate with IPS multimode fiber coupled lasers to offer higher throughput and low stray light.



  • Common probe design for single or dual-wavelength probes.
  • High throughput optical design that maximizes Raman collection efficiency.
  • Multiple single-wavelength designs (405, 532, 638, 785, 808, 830, and 1064 nm) for interrogating the fingerprint (0-2000 cm-1) Raman band.
  • Multiple dual-wavelength designs (680/785, 735/830, 860/1064 nm) for interrogating both fingerprint (0-2000 cm-1) and stretch (2000-4000 cm-1) Raman bands. Dual wavelength excitation sources which can expand the scattered Raman wavenumber range to cover both the fingerprint (0-2000 cm-1) and stretch regions (2000-4000 cm-1) with a single spectrometer [1-3].
  • Embedded Teflon standard in shutter for reference measurement.
  • Configurable working distance (1.6 to 20 mm).
  • Configurable excitation optics for optimizing NA (0.18-0.55) for different excitation fibers.
  • Configurable collection optics for optimizing NA (0.18-0.55) for different f# spectrometers.
  • Removable collection and excitation fibers for system optimization or repair.
  • Configurable Raman filter packs for different cut-on wavenumbers (65 – 200 cm-1).
  • Configurable Probe tips for both laboratory and immersion applications.