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Need a custom solution? We’re here to help.

Need a custom solution? We’re here to help.

Raman Spectroscopy

IPS supplies over 70% of all Raman spectroscopy system integrators with their diode-based Raman excitation sources, and is the “Gold Standard” for high performance wavelength stabilized lasers.

Raman spectroscopy is a vibrational spectroscopy method that has successfully been used in the lab for some time, and has recently gained traction commercially as an affordable and accurate way to get qualitative and quantitative information instantly without destroying the sample. Raman spectroscopy can also be used to analyze aqueous solutions removing tedious sample prep required for other analytical techniques.

Standard wavelengths used for Raman Spectroscopy:

532 nm

647 nm

808 nm

633 nm

780 nm

830 nm

638 nm

785 nm

1064 nm

Powers range from 30 mW to as much as 6W

In general Raman spectroscopy is used to detect the unique chemical signature of a target material and has been utilized for:

  • Pharmaceutical and Process Control
  • Cancer Detection
  • Food Safety / Contaminant Detection
  • Raw Materials and Mixture Analysis
  • Biomedical / Dental Sensors
  • Explosive, Biological, Chemical Agent and Drug Detection
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Raman Spectroscopy - IPS

Figure 1: Image depicts issues with the location of the actual vs ideal focal point when divergent vs collimated beams are used AND when the lens is underfilled.

IPS utilizes a unique technology known as wavelength stabilization to assemble a Hybrid ECL (HECL). This technology allows us to “lock” the laser to the desired spectral line AND shape the spectral output. This is ideal because we can provide extremely narrow wavelength sources (in both multi-mode and single mode configurations) that remain locked at the desired excitation wavelength regardless of ambient temperature changes, vibrations, back reflections, and of course time.

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Additional Applications:

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