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About IPS

Founded in August 2003, Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS) provides high-performance semiconductor diode light source systems based upon our proprietary wavelength stabilization technologies. Our Hybrid External Cavity Laser (HECL) allows us to effectively select a specific “slice” of the spectrum. This “spectrum slicing” technology has been successfully applied to both single-mode and multimode lasers and super-luminescent diodes (SLDs) and offers our customers the ability to define both the wavelength and spectral bandwidth, along with output power. This technology has enabled the widespread use of narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser sources in numerous diverse applications, especially the field of Raman spectroscopy.

Just as important as our technical design capacities, we take pride in offering superior customer support and on-time delivery. Our company philosophy is that our customer’s success is directly linked to our success. We partner with our clients to offer custom and semi-custom solutions that are ideal for their systems. Because we design and manufacture “in-house,” and our products are modular by design, we have tremendous flexibility and can offer this support on many different levels.

Our company’s long history of innovation has commercialized products that range from components as basic as a TO-56 or 14-pin BF packaged diodes, to OEM modules including drive electronics and software, as well as UL/CE and IEC certified lasers to OEM Raman spectroscopy engines and complete custom designed systems. Give us your toughest problems…we will give you Innovative Photonic Solutions.

IPS was acquired in 2018 by Metrohm AG of Herisau, Switzerland to expand its spectroscopy portfolio with industry leading solutions.

Innovative Photonic Solutions - 20 Year Anniversary

Founded in 2003


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Our Facility

Our 56,000 square foot company facility contains multiple research and development laboratories, a class 10,000 clean room with ESD dissipative flooring throughout for production and is equipped with high precision positioning and die attachment equipment; specialty fiber alignment, splicing, and connectorizing; test and characterization instrumentation; high-power burn in fixturing; and advanced metrology microscopy to facilitate product development and production.