Single-Mode Digital Tethered Module with Optical Isolator

Our Single-Mode Digital Tethered Module with an Optical Isolator is a fully turn-key, UL/CE and IEC certified laser module perfect for lab use. It comes complete with an internal wavelength stabilized laser module, a laser enable switch for safety, an LED readout, an output power control dial, a safety key lockout, a remote interlock, and an emergency shut-off switch (EMO). The ‘Tethered Head’ offers ease of use and flexibility for different setups and allows the user to bring the open beam laser output to the sample. 

IPS - Single-Mode Digital Tethered Module


  • Analog or Digital (RS-232, I2C, or USB) control modes
  • Photodiode power monitoring
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Automatic Current Control or Automatic Power Control
  • An executable software GUI that allows the user to operate the system from a PC.