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Need a custom solution? We’re here to help.

Need a custom solution? We’re here to help.

Configurable Raman Probe

Our Configurable Raman Probe is available in both single or dual wavelength and is optimized to mate with IPS multimode fiber coupled lasers to offer higher throughput and low stray light.

Configurable Raman Probe​ - Innovative Photonic Solutions


  • Common probe design for single or dual-wavelength probes.
  • High throughput optical design that maximizes Raman collection efficiency.
  • Multiple standard single-wavelength designs (532, 638, 785, and 1064 nm) for interrogating the fingerprint (0-2000 cm-1) Raman band.
  • Multiple dual-wavelength designs (680/785, 860/1064 nm) for interrogating both fingerprint (0-2000 cm-1) and stretch (2000-4000 cm-1) Raman bands. Dual wavelength excitation sources which can expand the scattered Raman wavenumber range to cover both the fingerprint (0-2000 cm-1) and stretch regions (2000-4000 cm-1) with a single spectrometer [1-3].
  • Embedded Teflon standard in shutter for reference measurement.
  • Configurable working distance (1.6 to 20 mm).
  • Configurable excitation optics for optimizing NA (0.18-0.55) for different excitation fibers.
  • Configurable collection optics for optimizing NA (0.18-0.55) for different f# spectrometers.
  • Removable collection and excitation fibers for system optimization or repair.
  • Configurable Raman filter packs for different cut-on wavenumbers (85 – 200 cm-1).
  • Configurable Probe tips for both laboratory and immersion applications.


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