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From Raman spectroscopy to medical imaging
and defense – find the right laser solution
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Wavelength stabilized and un-stabilized laser diodes in two compact packages (TO-56 Can and 14-pin butterfly packages).  Multiple visible and IR wavelengths with free-space and fiber coupled solutions are available.

Our OEM laser diodes integrated with laser diode current and TEC driver electronics.  Free-space and fiber coupled solutions are available in compact USB-controlled packages ideal for OEM integration.

IPS OEM laser modules integrated with power supply and additional safety features.  Turn-key units are UL and CE certified.

Customized high-throughput Raman probes available with customized wavelengths, excitation / collection / focusing optics.  Probes feature removable fibers with single and dual wavelength options.   


We offer a complete line of high-power wavelength-stabilized lasers that are extensively used for numerous Raman Spectroscopy applications. These lasers are available in numerous open-beam or fiber-coupled configurations.

Our high-power wavelength-stabilized single frequency lasers have been extensively used as seed lasers for numerous fiber laser applications.  These lasers are available at numerous wavelengths and configurations.

IPS high-power wavelength-stabilized single frequency lasers have been extensively used in both Mid-IR and THz frequency generation applications. These lasers are available at numerous wavelengths and configurations.

Our high-power wavelength-stabilized lasers have been utilized for numerous scientific, life science and imaging applications including: fluorescence spectroscopy, speckle imaging, remote sensing, illumination, metrology, holography, resonant light absorption for atomic clocks, magnetometers and inertial navigation, and quantum computing.


Innovative Photonic Solutions Founded in 2003

Founded in 2003

IPS pioneered the commercialization of wavelength-stabilized semiconductor laser sources for various applications.  These products have revolutionized the Raman Spectroscopy market enabling compact, cost effective laser sources since 2003.

Superior Support - Innovative Photonic Solutions

Superior Support

IPS works together with our customers to provide compact, cost-effective laser sources for various applications. IPS provides solutions at numerous integration levels to support OEM integration into our customers products.

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On-Time Delivery

IPS maintains a large inventory of standard parts for all our technology platforms that enables rapid delivery times for both standard and semi-custom solutions.

Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS) - Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Don’t see exactly what you need, please give us a call.  Many of our current standard products started with a phone call and a custom solution.